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Reliable Solution for Compliance with Alyssa's Law


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Solutions for Alyssa's Law

Digital Panic Button

Fast Alert ScreenshotRespond to the most urgent incidents.

  • Big panic buttons
  • Clear labels and icons
  • Silent alerts
  • Instantly connect with local law enforcement and/or 911
  • Instantly connect with onsite Safety Team
  • Activate other security devices and systems
  • Reunification tools

Alyssa's Law stipulates that "public and secondary schools will be equipped with panic alarms or emergency mechanisms." Panic alarm means a silent security system signal generated by the manual activation of a device intended to signal a life-threatening or emergency situation requiring a response from law enforcement. Specifications include:

  • The alarm shall be directly linked to local law enforcement authorities—In the case of a school building located in a municipality in which there is no municipal police department, a location designated by the Superintendent of State Police.
  • Alarm shall immediately transmit a signal or message to such authorities upon activation.
  • The alarm shall not be audible within the school building.


Physical Panic Button

When an emergency strikes, help is one click away.

As many schools and commercial companies across the country look to support safety and prepare for mandates requiring panic buttons. IoT (Internet of Things) buttons provide a safety solution that is affordable, easy to deploy, and scalable to any school district or organization's needs. Safety OneClick is an easy-to-use, physical wireless panic button system, extending your safety plan to any location by letting individuals in distress sound the alarm, getting them help at the click of a button.



How Does CrisisGo Apply to Alyssa's Law?

  • CrisisGo platform includes alerts and notifications that notify safety teams and escalate to local law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, and first responders in an instant.
  • Intuitive interface allows for rapid action, instant notification to local authorities, and 911 calls made automatically from the app.
  • Bring your entire safety team together into a single message group so that text, audio, video, files, etc can be easily shared and accessed during and after an event.
  • Advance location information, panic type, and details of the panic can be easily transmitted to 911 centers (PSAP) within the United States.
  • Native support with devices like Kyocera, Sonim, Siyata, and Promethean as well as SOS buttons.
  • For public locations or if you cannot install the CrisisGo app, our platform is compatible with various hardware-based "panic" buttons that connect via WiFi, LTE, or LORA.

Our easy-to-use integrated safety platform connects your schools and public safety personnel for rapid response to a critical event. CrisisGo provides all your people—including staff, administrators, students, parents, and first responders—instant notifications and management of critical events; the ability to locate and account for people; and safety and prevention tools—including threat assessment and drill management to mitigate incidents before they happen. Our platform also communicates with and extends to safety devices and software so all your security systems are instantly and automatically activated. With Enhanced 911, you can pre-program critical information, like address, school name, and location details (room number and GPS coordinates) so 911 operators can save valuable time and calls are never misrouted.

No other school safety platform can offer the range of functionality, ease of use, and reliability. Many districts will implement a single-function solution—like alerting systems or panic buttons— but no other solution optimizes your funding like CrisisGo can by integrating existing and new safety tools for the most coordinated, rapid response to critical incidents. Furthermore, our platform includes emergency management workflows that other solutions cannot provide—including staff check-in, student reunification, and drill management workflows that transform how your school responds and manages stressful situations.

Alyssa's Law in a COVID-19 Environment

Students at home, in school, and even outside of the school building all are learning in a new environment influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. When something critical happens, like a shot goes off in the school, the well-trained staff instantly alert all of the faculty members and law enforcement of an active shooter and begin to get their students to safety. But in this new environment, how do staff members know which students are at home, and which students are in the building? As safety becomes more complex in this new blended learning environment, it is important to have a safety platform to not only alert everyone of a critical event, but to also have the tools to swiftly get every student to safety. Don't invest in a one-dimensional warning system, invest in a safety communication and management platform.


Our Customers Rely on CrisisGo

The below customers are just a sample of the districts benefiting from having the tools they need to create safer learning environments. Our entire platform is connected through communication ensuring our customers are instantly notified of a crisis and can share critical safety information back and forth with first responders.

"We use [CrisisGo] to show every employee in our district - from bus drivers to grounds and custodians, all the way up to the superintendent - that everyone has the same ability and the same ownership of our safety now."

Walter J. O'Neill, Jr.

Long Branch Public Schools (New Jersey)

About Our Platform

Digital Safety and Crisis Response Platform

Rapid Response
Our audible notification capabilities and communication groups allow your stakeholders to immediately raise the alarm and let the organization know there is an issue, and your safety team can respond quickly and efficiently based on the information provided.

Automatic Escalation
Specific alerts, panics, and reports can automatically escalate to public safety administrators, law enforcement, and first responders to ensure that everyone needed can be part of the solution. To further reduce response time, alerts can immediately trigger a call 911 from the CrisisGo mobile app.

Assessment & Prevention
We offer many tools that help mitigate risks and reduce the number of incidents over time. We provide a student threat assessment engine, which allows for cross-functional collaboration when identifying, analyzing, and addressing student behavior that could be threatening to their self or others. While our campus and facility risk assessment helps automate a site survey to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities. Furthermore, our comprehensive communications platform makes it easy to report issues, notify stakeholders, and share information so you can assess risks and even prevent safety threats by sharing safety communication every day.

Specialized Student App
We’ve created a specialized companion app specifically for students called Safe2SpeakUp. Students can anonymously report bullying, submit safety tips, and learn more about safety on Safe2SpeakUp.

Safety Messaging
Communicating with all your stakeholders can be complex. CrisisGo offers distinct message groups with separate channels for your internal safety communication and your communication with parents and students.

Our platform integrates with your student information system (SIS) to drive efficiencies with post-incident recovery. Tools and functionality make for efficient staff and student check-in to confirm safety; and updated student roster and parent information significantly assist with reunification when needed. While our mass notification tools help get vital communications to parents and the community during and after an incident.

Our dashboard lets you manage your school’s safety from a central location. All your safety messages, notifications, and actions are recorded in the dashboard for observation and review.

Automated Drill Reporting
Safety drills help everyone to be safer by practicing the skills required for a serious situation. With numerous safety drills that need to be completed throughout the year, it can be difficult to keep track of when to schedule drills and what drills have been completed. Our drill reporting feature allows you to automate drill scheduling, monitoring, and reporting all from your dashboard. Improving the accuracy of drill reporting while reducing the time and effort of documentation. It is important to keep accurate records and ensure that all offices are prepared for an emergency.

Our platform is highly secure as demonstrated by its approved inclusion in the App Catalog for FirstNet, and reliability is demonstrated as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner.


OpenAPI and Integrations

No other platform is compatible with as many school safety devices and tools. The CrisisGo OpenAPI embraces virtually all Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, which significantly improves the process flow and cuts valuable seconds and even minutes from response times while saving lives. Integrating safety devices and technologies provides detailed information and more precise locations, helping safety teams respond faster and with a more adapted action plan.

The CrisisGo OpenAPI is built to allow third-party systems and devices to send alerts, messages, and urgent notifications to the CrisisGo platform, or third-party systems and devices can receive information from the CrisisGo platform. Once integrated, alerts from CrisisGo can automate responses in other devices, including door locks, barricades, public address systems, video cameras, LED signage, strobe lights, and more. Alternatively, sensors or buttons from other devices, including fobs, help buttons, and more could trigger alerts and notifications through the CrisisGo platform.

CrisisGo and IoT systems, devices, and applications can form the following integrations:

  • Sensors, buttons, video, AI application, or IT alerts can trigger alerts in CrisisGo, which then notify the proper response personnel, safety team members, or first responder departments.
  • Staff, safety team members, or first responders can initiate the CrisisGo platform, which would activate paging systems, door locks and barricades, sirens, strobes, video surveillance, IT applications, and more.

"Communication has been streamlined, and I love that first responders want to be a part of it."

Barry A. Baker, Ed.D

Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD


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