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Bellevue Public Schools improves safety communication and drill management.

Read this customer story to learn how Bellevue Public Schools has improved their safety communications and drill management with CrisisGo's digital safety and crisis response platform.

"It's been really encouraging for me to watch our leadership in our buildings use this tool and really perfect their craft as it relates to doing school safety drills within their building and communicating with their staff during those drills."

Rodney Brown

Director of Student Services

Challenges Faced

Bellevue Public Schools in Nebraska was confident with their safety protocols, but they wanted a way to better communicate during an emergency. The district was interested in a resource that would allow them to effectively communicate within each school building while also being able to stay connected and communicate with the district office.

By using CrisisGo as their safety communication and emergency alerting platform, Bellevue Public Schools is able to:

  • Keep all critical staff connected in communication within schools buildings and with external sites as well.
  • Practice their safety protocols by using CrisisGo to facilitate their school safety drills.
  • Utilize the safety data provided by CrisisGo's safety drill manager to make data-driven improvements to safety.

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Strengthening Communication

Rodney Brown, Director of Student Services for Bellevue Public Schools informed that CrisisGo has helped the district improve their communication capabilities by being able to keep all their critical stakeholders in touch through via mobile devices and computers.

Commenting on the value of using CrisisGo to communicate, Brown stated: "The fact that in a particular message group, a building can be communicating with one another, at the same time, our district leaders are connected to the buildings as well, so we can see the same messages that are going on in the building. So basically you have a triangulation of communication because you have what's going on in the building level being communicated with both staff in the building, staff in the district office, and also law enforcement."


Bolstering Safety Drills

Brown also informed that they have had great success using CrisisGo to manage their safety drills. He stated, "I like the ability to build a crisis plan in [the platform], and that crisis plan that I built for our district matches what the Nebraska state statute is, so it's really nice to go in and see live data in terms of buildings and where they're at in terms of the drill plan."

Brown noted how valuable the safety data is and added: "We pride ourselves on being data-driven anyways, so having that ability to take live data and share that with principals and school safety leaders and district leadership has been powerful."