Rolling Out a Unified Safety Platform to 20+ Districts


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Berks County Intermediate Unit
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Customer Since: 2018
Industry: Education

Berks County Intermediate Unit rolls out a unified safety platform to 20+ districts.

Read this customer story to learn how Berks County Intermediate Unit rolled out CrisisGo's unified school safety platform to 20+ districts.

"[CrisisGo] helped us to organize our efforts around emergency preparedness in a very intentional and strategic sway, so CrisisGo has been a big piece of that puzzle for us."

Dr. Jill Hackman

Executive Director

Challenges Faced

Berks County Intermediate Unit is comprised of 18 public school districts and approximately 50 non-public schools. To coincide with years of working to improve emergency preparedness, Berks County Intermediate Unit was looking for a system that could cover safety communication and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their safety resources and protocols.



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Proposed Solution

Utilize a single safety platform for Berks County Intermediate Unit to provide a unified method for safety communication and response. Berks County utilized grant funding to offer CrisisGo's platform for all the districts and schools in the Intermediate Unit.

By utilizing CrisisGo as part of their emergency communication and safety protocols, Berks County Intermediate Unit can:

  • Maintain a single line of emergency communication that can be accessed by all districts no matter where they are.
  • Grant staff instant access to safety information.
  • Provide a means for connecting and communicating with first responders (e.g. law enforcement, fire department, paramedics).

As an added benefit, CrisisGo's safety platform runs on Amazon Web Services which ensures Berks County Intermediate Unit has the most reliable, secure, and redundant connection possible for their safety needs.



Berks County Intermediate Unit currently has 25 districts that have implemented CrisisGo or are currently going through implementation with great results.

Safety leaders at Berks County Intermediate Unit have enjoyed the improved safety communication, increased access to safety information, and the ability to connect with first responsers.

Scott Major, Chief Information Officer for Berks County Intermediate Unit has been involved in the CrisisGo implementation for each Berks district. He stated, "The biggest thing that I've seen across the board is that it opened up communication. Across all the different levels of administration and staffing throughout all the districts who have started to adopt and implement. It has really opened that communication up."