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Chilton Public Schools
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Chilton Public Schools improves their school safety drills and reporting.

Read this customer story to learn how Chilton Public Schools is improving their school safety drills and reporting by using CrisisGo's school safety app.

"It's everything in one. You don't need an app for one thing but still have to use your binder for something else. It really just modernizes the whole school safety plan."

Jacob Meyer

Deputy Sheriff and School Resource Officer

Challenges Faced

The Wisconsin Department of Justice has specific requirements for school safety drills, like active shooter drills, that have to be performed every year.

Chilton Public Schools previously tracked their drill information on spreadsheets, which needed to be maintained and edited after each drill. Chilton Public Schools also utilized paper and pen methods for taking attendance during drills and phone calls/emails for staff communication during drills.



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Purposed Solution

Chilton Public Schools had been using CrisisGo's Checklist tool to provide staff with their safety plans in the form of digital checklists on their mobile devices and computers. After Chilton Public Schools rolled out the Roster Event tool, they started doing their fire drills using CrisisGo. By using CrisisGo to also facilitate safety drills, Chilton Public Schools was able to:

  • Replace their pen and paper method of taking role during drills and emergencies.
  • Maintain a single line of communication for drills and emergencies.
  • Simplify their methods of reporting drill data.

By using CrisisGo, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Chilton Public Schools' platform runs on Amazon Web Services, which ensures the most reliable, secure, and redundant connection possible for school safety needs.



The staff at Chilton Public Schools found the CrisisGo features easy to use for safety drills, and the school administrators valued all the data that was captured during the drills.

Chilton Public Schools' School Resource Officer, Deputy Jacob Meyer informed that a valuable feature is that all the data from each drill is aggregated into a user-friendly report that is easily submitted to the Department of Justice to meet state requirements.

According to Meyer, Chilton Public School uses the Roster Event tool for safety drills, and the teachers find it easy to use. Meyer stated, "It was really nice from the administrative standpoint seeing the statistics page and how we could just kind of track everyone's progress: see what students are unaccounted for and correlate that with absences and things like that. That was just a really cool feature."