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How Communication Streamlines Crisis Response


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Here are five real-life uses cases that Bemidji Area Schools has faced and discussed during our "From Alerts to Updates: How Communication Streamlines Crisis Response" webinar.

1. School Bus Accident


A bus rolls over during a routine morning route.

The bus driver immediately informed dispatch of the rollover. An alert is sent to the entire district letting them know about the accident, allowing district personnel, nursing staff, and a spare bus to quickly arrive at the scene to assist with the accident.

2. Water Leaks


Sprinklers are going off at the high school over the weekend.

A call can quickly be made to the high school custodian informing them the sprinklers are going off, allowing the custodian to quickly investigate the issue and minimizing the damage to the school building.

3. Student Fight


A fight is witnessed outside of a high school.

An alert is immediately sent informing key stakeholders of the fight and it's location. Local school authorities (principal and school resource officer) are able to quickly intervene and break up the fight.

4. School Bus Crash


A bus is involved in an out of town crash.

The bus driver can quickly communicate with school authorities to inform them of the accident and provide them with real-time updates even though the accident occurred out of town, allowing all parties to stay connected throughout the entire incident.

5. Dangerous Wildlife


A bear is spotted within the vicinity of a school.

An alert is immediately sent to school authorities to inform them that a bear has been spotted. Students can quickly be brought indoors to keep them from encountering the bear until local authorities can obtain the bear or confirm it's no longer in the area.

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