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Safety through communication!

Community Safety is a Shared Responsibility:
Let Us Help You Help Them

On Demand

While CrisisGo has been the leader in providing emergency communications and response solutions to our schools since 2013, we have also been taking what we have learned to the entire community including businesses, non-profits, and governmental entities.

Our brand new version of our digital platform, Safety iResponse, combines ease of action with the power of technology to help you to achieve the highest levels of safety for your organization. We allow everyone to seamlessly communicate on the same secure platform with a simple sharing feature. We can meet people where they are, and help them to naturally grow, while raising safety awareness. The safety culture we will help organizations to create will be sustainable and generational. It all starts with planning, communicating, sharing information, and working together to resolve emergencies as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We’ll discuss:

  • How your organization, using the latest technology, can seamlessly communicate with your emergency partners on the same secure platform with a simple sharing feature.
  • The benefits of real-time information and intelligence between organizations and first responders, and information mining through the use of historical messaging.
  • How escalation and expansion can be accomplished, even without downloading the app.
  • The impact of the integration of disparate groups with the ability to pass primary incident responsibility from one organization to another seamlessly and to use the same platform throughout all incident phases: from the initiation of the event through reunification and recovery.
  • Tackling the challenges of safety training due to time constraints, resistance, and limited access to training materials.
  • Establishing a system that is flexible enough to give everyone the information and tools they need to complete their tasks, while also allowing your stakeholders to gain knowledge and experience along their pathway, complete with training and support.

When you are safer, we are all safer. Watch now to learn how we can “help you help them” as we provide you with the road map to build your safety culture.


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