Creating a Culture of Dignity in Your School with Charlie Kuhn

Based on over twenty years of teaching and constant feedback from today's generation of young people, Cultures of Dignity's webinar with Charlie Kuhn is a call for action to transform the way we understand youth culture and create communities where children can thrive. From young people's friendships, drama, bullying, social media use, and the constant pressure to "keep up," Charlie provides concrete, common sense strategies for educators or any professional who works with children and teens so they walk away with positive ways to impact their community.

During this informative session, Charlie:

  • Highlights the importance of SEL (Social Emotional Learning) in school communities
  • Defines dignity and respect
  • Offers realistic definitions of bullying, by-standing, teasing, drama, and social conflict
  • Identifies dynamics that lead to social conflict

You won't want to miss this exciting presentation, so watch the recording now!


Charlie Kuhn
Co-Founder & CEO
Cultures of Dignity

Watch the recording now!

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