Maximize Safety Drills with Escalation to First Responders


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Evergreen  Park Community High School
9901 South Kedzi Avenue
Evergeen Park, IL 60805
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Customer Since: 2017
Industry: Education

Evergreen Park Community High School maximizes their safety drills with escalation to first responders.

Read this customer story to learn how Evergreen Park Community High School is maximizing their school safety drills with escalation to first responders using CrisisGo’s school safety app.

"Our CrisisGo is linked in with supervisory personnel in the police department. By the time I get an Alert, they get it at the same time, and they can send in the cavalry immediately. I would say that proved to me and the rest of the administrative team that this was a good investment."

Tim Donohoe

Director of Facilities

Challenges Faced

Evergreen Park Community High School needed a system that would allow them to alert their staff to emergencies and run school safety drills while connecting with local first responders.

While Evergreen Park had advanced school safety measures, which included an internal emergency warning system for their building, they did not have a way to alert their staff to danger on their mobile devices or conduct safety drills that directly connected with local law enforcement.



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Purposed Solution

Evergreen Park Community High School looked at a few different options for strengthening their school safety, and they included the Deputy Chief and former swat commander from their local law enforcement as part of the conversation. After looking at their options, Evergreen Park Community High School decided that CrisisGo would best meet their school safety needs. By using CrisisGo to perform their school safety drills and emergency alerting, Evergreen Park was able to:

  • Alert all their stakeholders with a single audible notification to let users know there’s an emergency.
  • Include first responders in their safety drills and emergency communications.
  • Test their safety tools and features when running school safety drills.

By using CrisisGo, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Evergreen Park Community High School's platform runs on Amazon Web Services, which ensures the most reliable, secure, and redundant connection possible for school safety needs.



Evergreen Park Community High School found value in the speed and effectiveness of emergency alerting with CrisisGo. Tim Donohoe, Director of Facilities for Evergreen Park Community High School, noted that they have had numerous successful safety drills with CrisisGo. He informed that during one drill, the Alert from CrisisGo reached first responders approximately 3 minutes before their standard emergency response through police dispatch.

Donohoe stated, "When we finished our drill and we all got back together to go over what happened, what went well, and what didn't, I had asked the police department to give me the time that they were notified, and there was close to a 3 minute separation between the time CrisisGo activated and how they would have been notified otherwise."