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Exploring CrisisGo’s Health and Safety Solutions with AHM Testing Customers in Texas

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As a district that is partnering with Achieve Health Management (AHM) for COVID testing, you’re probably aware that AHM utilizes CrisisGo’s Test Management Software for sending electronic consent forms and results reporting.

Did you know that, in addition to automating forms and results for COVID testing, CrisisGo is one of the leading developers of K-12 school safety solutions?

As such, we offer many additional features and add-ons designed to align with your district’s health and safety goals.

Please watch as we explore additional features that can streamline your testing process and save your staff time and effort. We’ll also discuss other ways CrisisGo can be used in your district to safeguard your stakeholders during the pandemic and beyond.

Daniel Tutt
Regional Sales Manager
We'll discuss:
  • SIS Roster Integration: Automatically add new students to your testing rolls
  • Staff Directory Integration: Eliminate the need to manually enter staff information
  • Entry Validation and Visitor Management During the Pandemic: Learn how to control access to your buildings
  • Safety Intervention Manger: Survey the impact the pandemic has had on students and develop mental health and safety intervention plans moving forward

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