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Four Winds Casinos
11111 Wilson Road
New Buffalo, MI 49117
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Customer Since: 2017
Industry: Business

Four Winds Casinos improves active shooter safety and emergency communication.

Read this customer story to learn how Four Winds Casinos utilizes CrisisGo's safety app to improve active shooter safety and emergency communications.

"My favorite aspect is the immediate notification. Being able to get that word out quickly with a siren going off and being able to communicate back and forth is the big key."

Matt McCreary

Risk Manager

Challenges Faced

Four Winds Casinos needed a way to deal with the threat of potential active shooter situations. Their methods for safety communication included intercoms, radios, and cell phones, but they needed a quick and effective system for using communication to prevent or respond to an active shooter threat, as well as other major safety risks.



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Proposed Solution

Four Winds Casinos was drawn to the ability to get critical safety information out to their staff as quick as possible while also granting employees access to vital safety resources like building maps and their emergency action plan.

Making use of CrisisGo's smartphone and computer apps, Four Winds Casinos made sure their dispatch team, security shift managers, and company managers were all connected. By using CrisisGo's safety platform, Four Winds Casinos was able to:

  • Establish safety measures for potential active shooter emergencies.
  • Utilize emergency alerts for situations that require internal or external evacuations.
  • Perform and review active shooter drills.
  • Communicate daily safety messages.

As an added benefit, CrisisGo's safety platform runs on Amazon Web Services, which ensures Four Winds Casinos has the most reliable, secure, and redundant connection possible for their safety needs.



Four Winds Casinos staff has enjoyed having a quick and effective emergency communication and crisis response platform at their disposal.

Matt McCreary, Risk Manager for Four Winds Casinos informed that with CrisisGo, there is more of an emphasis on quick and effective safety communication. He said that they have ran successful safety drills using CrisisGo, including an active shooter scenario.

When asked about the successful active shooter drill, McCreary stated, "It was perfect. I started the Alert, and then between me and security and our surveillance team, we were able to communicate what was going on and where they were at."