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Hanover Community School Corporation upgrades safety drill management with technology.

Read this customer story to learn how Hanover Community School Corporation upgraded their safety drill management by using CrisisGo's school safety app.

"The ability to communicate, if we did have a real active shooter in the building, just communicating with the teachers while it's going on, that's perfect example of what we could do."

Michael O'Donnell

Director of Safety and Security

Use Technology for School Safety

Hanover Community School Corporation had quality safety protocols and procedures in place, but they didn't have a digital safety platform. To help transition to a more technological approach, Hanover Community School Corporation started using CrisisGo's digital safety and crisis response platform to conduct their school safety drills.



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Managing Safety Drills

Michael O'Donnell, Director of Safety and Security for Hanover Community School Corporation informed that they have successfully used CrisisGo to manage school safety drills for lockdown, fire, and severe weather events.

According to O'Donnell, his district is required to have a fire drill within the first 10 days of school. With everything going on during the start of school, it can be easy to miss that requirement. O'Donnell acknowledged the value of being able to use CrisisGo to remind each building principal to get the drill done within the proper time-frame. By utilizing CrisisGo, Hanover Community School Corporation can:

  • Alert all of their stakeholders of an emergency with an audible organization-wide alerting system.
  • Maintain safety communication with staff in all their buildings throughout the district under a unified communication channel.
  • Schedule, perform, and review their school safety drills.

As an added benefit, CrisisGo's school safety platform runs on Amazon Web Services, which ensures Hanover Community School Corporation has the most reliable, secure, and redundant connection possible for their school safety needs.

Growing with their Safety Platform

O'Donnell informed that Hanover Community School Corporation plans to continue to use and explore the safety features of the CrisisGo platform.

He indicated that he would like to start incorporating the Roster Event tool to streamline student accountability during an emergency and obtain more in-depth safety data. O'Donnell stated, "In the long run, I think it's going to help us out."