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CrisisGo + Actuate

Upgrade Existing Security and Safety Systems with Actuate and CrisisGo. Actuate's AI camera software identifies threats to safety and security such as guns, intruders, crowds, loitering, and more with existing security cameras—no hardware required. CrisisGo’s safety platform automatically triggers alerts to security teams, and provides them with the location and Actuate AI video feed corresponding to the incident.

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Almost all organizations have installed cameras, but they are almost always completely unmonitored. Combining Actuate and CrisisGo will enable organizations to leverage their camera investment and react immediately to threats, communicate with safety teams, employees, students or visitors while sharing situation awareness with first responders.

Actuate also offers best-in-class intruder detection and advanced analytics, bringing the power of AI to all security tasks. Actuate is completely software-based and no additional hardware is required. The system integrates seamlessly with your existing video management system, providing your organization with real-time alerts and intelligence to potential safety and security threats.




Real-time tracking & uses existing cameras

  • Actuate constantly analyzes each security camera frame for possible threats, such as a weapon, intruder, or loiterer.

  • When the software detects a threat, it issues an immediate CrisisGo alert to designated staff members with the exact location, detected frames, and a timestamp on the incident.

Detecting threats & reducing false positives by 95%

  • Immediately alert (via CrisisGo integration) and react before shots are fired. Increase response time, with faster emergency warnings to building occupants.

  • Leverage the CrisisGo Emergency Communication platform to immediately review an alert and dispatch police.

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