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CrisisGo is now integrating Collaborative Response Graphics® (CRGs®)!

CrisisGo Safety iResponse enhances response time and improves command and control during an incident.

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critical response group
Collaborative Response Graphics® (CRGs®) are visual communication and collaboration tools, usable under stress, to coordinate emergency response both outside and inside a building. CRGs enhance response time and improve command and control during an incident through common language and unified points of reference between internal teams and response units.
First responders, EOCs, PSAPs, and school administrators can check alert details on Safety iControl’s Community Connector Shared View including delivery methods, staff check-in response, and student roster status with CRG maps.


crg and crisisgo maps

Fully integrated with CrisisGo Reunification, CRG Micro Map includes labels for classrooms, hallways, doors/access points, key utilities, key boxes, AEDs, trauma kits, reunification maps, and points and paths available from CrisisGo, whether or not you are using the CrisisGo app.
Parents are notified by email or SMS and receive simple directions and a guidance badge. Parents can review the CRG reunification map to have a visual representation of the reunification process.
crg and crisisgo maps

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