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CrisisGo + Genetec

Maximum efficiency across security devices and safety systems.

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Multiple security systems not synced for optimum response

Most organizations have made significant investments in safety and security systems. From door locks and access control to surveillance cameras and alarms, buildings are equipped with multiple security devices and tools. Unfortunately, many of these devices are purchased and installed separately and are not interconnected, resulting in singular functionality and undermined safety network and response to emergencies. Disparate systems and devices work in silos and create inefficient response to critical situations.

The Genetec and CrisisGo Integrated Solution

Any safety investment is more efficient when it can communicate with other systems. Integrating safety devices and systems provide detailed information and more precise locations, helping your safety teams respond faster with more situational awareness. The integration between Genetec devices and CrisisGo improves the process flow and cuts valuable minutes from response times. Being able to connect existing and future security devices and safety systems results in optimized safety management and ensures that previous safety investments are maximized. 

Integrate your security devices with a comprehensive safety platform that increases efficiency, reduces response times in emergencies, and improves the safety culture in organizations.

Prevent Threats from Entering

Genetec access control system and license plate readers integrate with CrisisGo to instantly alert onsite safety teams when a threatening person is on the premise, deterring dangerous situations.

Reduce Response Times

Genetec IP systems can detect hazards, like a fire or gas leak, and instantly notifies onsite safety teams for immediate response. Making this integration great for healthcare, public works, education, and many other organizations.

Account for Staff with Roll Call & Mustering

The CrisisGo platform includes tools that allow safety teams to account for all staff. Utilize roll call and mustering features to ensure the safety of all employees.

Solutions Serving Several Fields

The integration between Genetec hardware and CrisisGo's alerting and communication platform can be used by healthcare, transportation, public works, infrastructure, education, and other fields.

Genetec and CrisisGo

The integration makes it more efficient to alert an onsite safety team through Genetec devices, including door access controls, license plate recognition systems, or other perimeter detection devices. When a threat is detected, the device triggers a CrisisGo alert, which instantly notifies every safety team member. The most severe emergencies are automatically escalated to the proper local authorities and first responders.


Genetect + CrisisGo Integration

Breakthrough Integration

Combining hardware including video surveillance, sensors, license plate readers and more with the tools that help schools prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from critical situations is a breakthrough for virtually any field –from K-12 schools and transportation to hospitals, public works and infrastructure. This is a fully unified approach to personal and facilities-related safety and security.

Genetect + CrisisGo Integration

Profound Impact

As more facilities across the country install security hardware in and around buildings and campuses to help prepare for critical incidents, having them integrated and working more efficiently is key. Combining the imperative security devices organizations are using to better secure hallways, parking lots and building entrances of their facilities with the most reliable incident management platform can have profound impacts on their response to emergency situations.

Genetect + CrisisGo Integration

Use Case


A fire ignites within an obscure area of a facility with little or no foot traffic or people present. Slow detection and reaction can cause significant damage and loss.


The Genetec SecurityCenter detects the fire and activates a Fire Alert. An alert is triggered in CrisisGo, notifying all onsite safety team personnel for immediate response.


Alerts are automatically escalated to the local fire department. Integration between Genetec devices and the CrisisGo platform drastically reduces response times and drives efficiency and situational awareness to save time in an emergency.


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