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CrisisGo + Positive Proof

Send an alert that a prohibited visitor has been identified at the front desk.

Maintain a seamless connection between the present visitor on the premises and the school safety team throughout a critical situation, and report the safety status instantly from anywhere at any time.

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Banned Visitor

If there is a banned visitor identified at the front desk, the school admin will receive a CrisisGo alert triggered by Positive Proof.


Faster Notification

Trigger an alert instantly and automatically within CrisisGo once Positive Proof detects a banned visitor.

Facilitate Rapid Response

Transform your visitor management system notifications into audible alerts to spark immediate action.

Safety Communication

Stay in constant communication with all staff members after the initial alert notification is received to coordinate an effective and efficient response.

Keeping Visitors Safe

All visitors on-site will receive a CrisisGo SMS alert, which can be triggered by multiple devices during a critical situation.


Faster Notification

Visitors will receive an SMS alert instantly on their mobile devices with critical information.

Facilitate Rapid Response

By enabling visitors to report their safety status online, the school's safety team can receive this information instantly, improving their response time to critical events.

Safety Communication

Visitors can stay connected with the school via 2-way communication if they need any assistance. Schools can share evacuation maps and actionable checklists with visitors if necessary.

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