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CrisisGo + Rauland

Seamless Connectivity, Bridging Every Gap in School Communication

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Seamless Integration with Rauland Telecenter's Devices

When integrated with Rauland Telecenter's advanced IP devices, CrisisGo's alerts are broadcasted instantly and reliably, ensuring that everyone is notified—from district offices to individual classrooms. Rauland's network-centric communication systems, powered by Telecenter U®, enhance emergency responses and everyday communication within schools.

Key Features of the CrisisGo + Rauland Integration:

Immediate Activation

This ensures that alerts and responses like Lockdown, are activated instantaneously, reducing response times and increasing the efficacy of emergency protocols.

Unified Communication Channels

By integrating with Rauland Telecenter's devices, Safety iResponse ensures that messages and alerts are synchronized across all communication channels, from intercoms and PA systems to mobile devices and desktops, ensuring consistent and clear communication during critical events.

Real-Time Coordination

CrisisGo’s integration enables real-time information sharing and coordination between various stakeholders, including emergency response teams, school administration, and district officials, facilitating a unified and effective response strategy.





Elevate Your School's Safety and Communication

Join the numerous districts enhancing their safety and communication strategies with CrisisGo and Rauland Telecenter. Embrace a future where school safety and efficient communication are seamlessly integrated, ensuring a secure and conducive learning environment for all.

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