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CrisisGo + Rise Vision

Rise Vision and CrisisGo’s technical integration strengthens your ability to communicate with students, employees, and visitors by utilizing Rise Vision-enabled displays to broadcast emergency alerts in high visibility areas.

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Rise Vision

Communication is more than spoken words. As they say, “seeing is believing,” and the CrisisGo/Rise Vision integration lets your stakeholders actually see safety alerts through digital signage. All of your Rise Vision-enabled signage can be utilized to instantly broadcast an emergency alert with critical safety information.

When an emergency occurs and an alert is sent, all Rise Vision-enabled signage throughout the site will automatically display the alert, giving visual communication to help those in need. Emergencies are often noisy and confusing, so having another layer of communication reduces the risk to your stakeholders. Since digital signage is often in common areas or areas with poor sound quality, you can ensure your safety hotspots are covered with access to emergency information during a crisis.


Automatic Alert Broadcasting

When an alert is sent using CrisisGo, all Rise Vision-enabled signage automatically broadcasts the alert information.

Visual Communication

Emergencies can be chaotic, and it isn’t always easy to hear emergency directions. By also utilizing digital signage to broadcast alerts, your organization can ensure stakeholders learn about the situation quickly, cover areas that are safety hotspots, and provide safety communication for anyone unable to hear.

Detailed Warning

We are all familiar with fire alarms, but there are many other types of emergencies. This integration allows you to broadcast the specific emergency and critical details on your digital signage to let everyone know what the situation is.

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