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CrisisGo + SafeKard

Enhance the ID badge panic button your staff has by allowing them to notify all stakeholders of an emergency.

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"Instant Help" at Your Fingertips

Safety is closer at hand when you integrate your SafeKard products with CrisisGo. Stay connected to everything you need from the start of an emergency to its resolution. The CrisisGo platform allows your organization to monitor and manage your emergency response plans in addition to providing instant communication and connectivity, while SafeKard's wearable ID badge holder with a built-in panic/assistance button provides real-time monitoring of staff in and around emergencies. 

Plus, you can easily track and monitor the location of all of your valuable assets, like medical equipment and supplies, with SafeKard's static and mobile sensors. Take your SafeKard sensors even further by connecting them to the CrisisGo platform to enable daily alerts and/or updates.

Why CrisisGo + SafeKard?

CrisisGo + SafeKard can help any organization prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergency.

Secure Private Network

Integrate all your safety systems and devices on your own private secure network. Fully integrate with your existing security systems and mass notification. Less hackable with the LoRa WAN secure protocol.


Long-range up to 3 miles and low-frequency 915 Mhz can be customized to work in any location on a small or large scale. No GPS, GSM, RFID, Bluetooth, or WiFi needed.

Accurate Locations

Through proprietary LoRa gateway + repeaters, site evaluation, and custom-designed installation, we are able to locate within 3 to 5 feet indoors and 15 feet outdoors.

Real-time Monitoring

Once SafeKard's panic button is paused, ID badge users are tracked and their location is updated every 15 seconds. Daily incidents, alerts, emergencies, sensor monitoring, etc are sent using two-way real-time communication via the CrisisGo platform.

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