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CrisisGo + Shooter Detection Systems

Gunshot detection and emergency response.

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Detect gunshots and immediately initiate crisis response

Seconds save lives in an active shooter situation, and you want to make sure that your organization is prepared for the most dangerous situations, including active shooter events. With CrisisGo and Shooter Detection Systems integration, your organization will not only be able to immediately detect gunshots, but your staff will also be immediately notified and your safety protocols will automatically be initiated to coordinate a swift and effective response. 

The Shooter Detection Systems and CrisisGo Integrated Solution

Any safety investment is more efficient when it can communicate with other systems. Integrating safety devices and systems provide detailed information and more precise locations, helping your safety teams respond faster with more situational awareness. The integration between Shooter Detection Systems and CrisisGo improves the process flow and cuts valuable minutes from response times. Being able to connect existing and future security devices and safety systems results in optimized safety management and ensures that previous safety investments are maximized. 

Integrate your security devices with a comprehensive safety platform that increases efficiency, reduces response times in emergencies, and improves the safety culture in organizations.

Protect Your Stakeholders

Shooter Detection System integrates with CrisisGo to connect your safety system with advanced gunshot detection technology to maximize active shooter safety.

Reduce Response Times

When a gunshot is detected by Shooter Detection Systems' hardware, CrisisGo immediately notifies stakeholders and initiates the emergency response protocols to save critical time during a crisis.

Account for Staff & Share Information

The CrisisGo platform includes tools that allow safety teams to account for all staff and utilize digital safety plan checklists to ensure the safety of all employees.

Trusted Shooter Detection Technology

Shooter Detection Systems is the industry's leading provider of gunshot detection solutions with over 20,000 systems in the field. Their indoor and outdoor systems are trusted across industries. 

Shooter Detection Systems and CrisisGo

The integration makes it more efficient to detect active shooter activity via gunshots indoors/outdoors and immediately notify staff and initiate emergency protocols. When a gunshot is detected, a CrisisGo alert is immediately triggered, which instantly notifies every safety team member. The most severe emergencies are automatically escalated to the proper local authorities and first responders.

Use Case


A gun is fired inside a school building. How will you notify everyone in harm's way and rapidly respond? Slow detection and reaction can cause significant damage and loss.


Shooter Detections System's technology immediately detects the gunshot and activates an active shooter Alert. An alert is triggered in CrisisGo, notifying all onsite safety team personnel for immediate response.


Alerts are automatically escalated to the local police department. Integration between Shooter Detection Systems and the CrisisGo platform drastically reduces response times and drives efficiency and situational awareness to save time in an emergency.


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