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Kutztown Area School District
251 Long Land
Kutztown, PA 19530
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Customer Since: 2017
Industry: Education

Kutztown Area School District provides immediate safety communication and access to information.

Read this customer story to learn how CrisisGo's school safety app is bring immediate safety communication and access to information to Kutztown Area School District.

"For me, the most beneficial component is the immediacy of information, and in that is the real-time communication as well as our digital documentation."

Scott Hand

Director of Educational Technology

Challenges Faced

Kutztown Area School District needed an emergency communication platform that would allow staff members to immediately communicate and access information. While Kutztown Area School District utilizes their PA system for broadcasting emergency information, they still had a need for a backup communication channel that provided real-time capabilities for communication.



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Purposed Solution

Communicate through the CrisisGo mobile app during safety drills for improved communication and better access to safety information. By using CrisisGo as part of their Emergency communication and safety protocols, Kutztown can:

  • Grant staff instant access to safety information.
  • Obtain a single line of emergency communication that could be accessed by all staff no matter where they are.
  • Maintain a backup communication channel, so the school doesn't have to broadcast all emergency information through the PA system.

By using CrisisGo, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Kutztown Area School District's platform runs on Amazon Web Services, which ensures the most reliable, secure, and redundant connection possible for school safety needs.



Kutztown Area School District found value in their staff being able to communicate through the CrisisGo mobile app, as well as their safety managers being able to filter through real-time information to better monitor the situation and make more strategic decisions.

During hard lockdown drills, Kutztown Area School District found that their staff were able to communicate by sending messages on the CrisisGo platform. This allowed for a continual and discreet flow of information that was monitored in real-time by their school safety leaders.

Scott Hand, Director of Educational Technology for Kutztown Area School District stated, "As we all look at security, to find a tool that provides our users with convenient access to the information that they need and ensures real-time information is being communicated in emergency situations is an invaluable tool to have when in the midst of a crisis."