Challenges Faced

Morgan County Charter School System was using traditional methods for emergency response and communication like putting their emergency plans in physical binders, using their PA system to communicate in an emergency, and utilizing paper-based methods for evacuation protocols. Due to increased active shooter incidents nationwide and a general emphasis on improving school safety, the district was looking for a way to make safety more accessible for their stakeholders.

Proposed Solution

Morgan County Charter School System was initially interested in using CrisisGo's platform to provide their staff with digital access to their emergency plans, as well as providing a digital panic button for staff and establishing a better method for accounting for staff and students during an emergency. By using CrisisGo's safety platform, Morgan County Charter School System was able to:

  • Establish a method for quickly checking the safety status of their staff and students.
  • Provide digital access to emergency plans right from staff members' smartphones.
  • Grant first responders access to school maps.

As an added benefit, CrisisGo's school safety platform runs on Amazon Web Services, which ensures Morgan County Charter School System has the most reliable, secure, and redundant connect possible for their school safety needs.


Dusty Hawkins, Safety Coordinator for Morgan County Charter School System informed that CrisisGo has not only made staff and parents feel safer, CrisisGo has also significantly improved their safety accountability. Hawkins praised the value of CrisisGo's check in tool and stated, "Check In may be, for us, one of the most valuable things CrisisGo has. The panic button and alert are great, but accountability is so key, especially for students, and it's something the administrators really enjoy having."

By utilizing CrisisGo for safety accountability, the district is able to ensure that every student and staff member are accounted for, whether it's a safety drill or an emergency. Hawkins added, "The Check In feature is so vital. Especially at primary and elementary schools where you've got younger kids."