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Media Contact:
Chris Buecksler, VP Marketing

CrisisGo, Inc.
For Immediate Release: May 6, 2020

CrisisGo's Platform Expands to Businesses Worldwide for Reopening Organizations and Improved Safety Management

New industry software for businesses to help respond to the pandemic while preparing for other unknown safety hazards and situations in the workplace - a game changer for business continuity and employee safety.

St. Louis, Missouri: CrisisGo Inc., the leading safety management and emergency communication technology provider, has announced it is expanding its reach from the K-12 Education sector to Business and Commercial spaces worldwide. CrisisGo’s safety management solutions are now available to medium, multi-location, and global businesses worldwide which highlights the program’s flexible capabilities.

With user-experience at the forefront of the platform's design, companies can better prepare for and manage safety and crisis situations in the workplace. Whether reacting to the global pandemic by developing reopening plans or preparing for other potential business risks, corporate teams will need fully-integrated, reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use platforms – now more than ever.

CrisisGo's safety management application is available on virtually any device in the market and allows businesses to rethink their business continuity planning by following a proven process of Prevent, Prepare, Respond, and Recover. Connecting people and devices on small and large operational scales during 'heat of the moment' situations could save valuable time, money, and most importantly - lives.

"The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing all businesses to rethink their safety plan and immediately implement new processes to ensure the safety of their people," said Chris Vuillaume, General Manager for CrisisGo. "This happens by relying on a new, real-time communication platform to prepare the workforce, prepare the workspace and monitor and adapt as medical advances develop."

Getting prepared, being reactive, and keeping people and technology aligned easily is the foundation of CrisisGo's platforms for all the product offerings. With a simplified safety management application, businesses can achieve organization-wide alerts, real-time safety status, and safety risk alerting.

The company launched a new website (business.crisisgo.com) to distribute resources and information to help medium, multi-location and global businesses, as well as government agencies and other organizations begin planning for the reopening and recovery phases of the pandemic response.

CrisisGo and its technology partners have built a strong ecosystem to connect "things" to people safety, drastically improving response time and situational awareness. While safety and executive teams are working on the plans for reopening businesses and buildings, CrisisGo continues to deliver new technology to support those goals.

For a free CrisisGo pilot or to learn more about the CrisisGo Business capabilities, visit business.crisisgo.com for resources to help manage incidents that can affect a business.