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Safety through communication!

WEBINAR  |  Tuesday, October 26  1 PM CT

Post-Pandemic Education: Recover, Restore, and Rebuild

As we re-envision and rebuild our education system post-pandemic, we must recognize patterns and common challenges; identifying core concerns allows for the discovery of easy-to-use, efficient solutions specific to your needs.

Engage and learn during this open conversation on Covid challenges, setting positive boundaries, reconnecting students & staff, and teaching recovery practices. Join this conversation to learn about real-life challenges and practical solutions.

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Dave Kavlick
Vice President, K-12 Solutions
Chris Zimmerman
Douglas County School System

David Spicuzza
Regional Sales Director

We'll discuss:
  • Importance of reconnecting students and staff.
  • Process of re-envisioning and resetting boundaries.
  • Planning, processes, and recovery methodologies.
  • Overcoming quarantine and isolation challenges.
  • Tools for streamlined and strategic communication.
  • A full-scope approach to structuring curriculum.





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