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The Gold Standard Response Equation: Rapid Response for Your Entire Community

Seconds count in an emergency. Now you can benefit from the fastest response network available.

Watch to learn how you can use converging technologies to save time in an emergency, improve role-based notifications and communication, and build a comprehensive safety network throughout your entire community.

We'll share how CrisisGo, FirstNet, and Sonim are teaming up and changing how public safety officials respond to emergencies in the communities they serve. This combination includes communications tools that ensure on-site safety team members and first responders know exactly what to do during any emergency and to allow them to continuously communicate as a crisis unfolds. It aligns local responder agencies with community pillars—including school districts, hospitals, places of worship, large employers, and other community centers to reduce response time when a crisis strikes.

We'll also be introducing our Gold Standard Response package which includes:

  • The first nationwide broadband network dedicated to public safety
  • Alerts and two-way emergency communications for all stakeholders on all devices
  • Ultra-rugged mobile devices built to work in extreme conditions and environments



Dr. Joe Erardi
Former Superintendent
Newtown Public Schools

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