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Ridgeline Academy streamlines reunification and safety trend tracking.

Read this customer story to learn how Ridgeline Academy streamlined their reunification and safety trend tracking by using CrisisGo's school safety app.

"I started to see all the uses, especially for the prevention side, for CrisisGo, and we have really tried to find every way we can to bolster our prevention through CrisisGo. We have gone so far as to move our student referral system into CrisisGo."

Keven Barker

School Director

Challenges Faced

Ridgeline Academy already had good emergency preventative measures with a strong school safety culture, student-teacher relationships, and an active relationship with the county and state law enforcement agencies.

However, Ridgeline Academy wanted to show their community that they were keeping students and teachers safe and taking school safety seriously, so they looked for a platform that would allow them to quickly and effectively respond to safety risks and emergencies.



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Proposed Solution

Ridgeline Academy was initially interested in using CrisisGo's platform to provide a means for quickly responding to an emergency, but they soon found value in utilizing CrisisGo for their emergency prevention efforts as well. By using CrisisGo's safety platform, Ridgeline Academy was able to:

  • Streamline their emergency reunification process.
  • Utilize safety reports to track safety risks and trends.
  • Provide a digital panic button for staff working with special needs students.

As an added benefit, CrisisGo's school safety platform runs on Amazon Web Services, which ensures Ridgeline Academy has the most reliable, secure, and redundant connection possible for their school safety needs.



Keven Barker, School Director for Ridgeline Academy informed that they have been successful in utilizing CrisisGo for reporting safety risks and responding to them before they become serious problems. Barker stated, “It allows us to track in one meaningful and immediately accessible place the student disturbances and student issues, which in turn lead to those potential risks."

Barker also noted that they have streamlined their reunification procedures with CrisisGo. He informed that they previously used a paper-based method with runners, which was quick and worked for their district. By utilizing CrisisGo for reunification, they were able to maintain their same reunification time-frame while adding in more thorough communication and documentation capabilities.