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Get Safety OneClick

3 Quick Steps to Get CrisisGo's Safety OneClick

Follow the steps below, and you'll quickly be on your way to improving safety with IoT technology. 


CrisisGo Platform

In order to purchase and activate this device, you need a CrisisGo subscription (Essential, Premium, or CrisisGo Safe). If you don't have a CrisisGo subscription, you can reach out to a CrisisGo representative here.


Get a Quote From CrisisGo

Your CrisisGo Account Manager will work with you to provide a quote, your CrisisGo Workspace information, and any assistance needed regarding the scope and cost of your organization's desired project.

When you purchase your IoT buttons and Gateway(s), you will be required to enter your CrisisGo Workspace Name in order to properly connect the devices to your safety platform. 

                You can also contact CrisisGo support or your Account Manager for assistance. 


Visit CalChip to Purchase Devices

The number of IoT buttons and Gateways needed will vary on the size and safety needs of each building and organization. CrisisGo recommends at least one gateway and button per main points of entry.                               

You can purchase all of the IoT buttons and Gateways your organization will need from our trusted device and provisioning partner, CalChip.


                                                                                          Buy Now



Please contact your account manager or CrisisGo Support at support@crisisgo.com