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Integrate SafeVisitor & CrisisGo for Rapid Response


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School City of Hobart
32 East 7th Street
Hobart, IN 46342
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Customer Since: 2018
Industry: Education

School City of Hobart integrates SafeVisitor and CrisisGo for a rapid response.

Read this customer story to learn how School City of Hobart has integrated their visitor management system (SafeVisitor) with CrisisGo's school safety app for a rapid response.

"I found the opportunity to take the power of both systems, both SafeVisitor and CrisisGo, and combine them to increase the safety of our schools and ensure that notification was being received by the appropriate individuals in a timely manner."

Jon Mock

Director of HR & Compliance

Integrating Systems

School City of Hobart utilizes CrisisGo as their digital safety and crisis response platform, and the district uses SafeVisitor to notify their school safety staff when an unauthorized individual or potential sex offender tries to enter a school.

Jon Mock, Director of HR & Compliance for School City of Hobart informed that he wanted to integrate both systems to provide a faster and more effective notification process for visitor security.



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Streamline Communication

The district sought to streamline their notification process by using CrisisGo to immediately alert key members of the safety team about notifications from SafeVisitor.

Mock stated, “Traditionally, [SafeVisitor] notification was through a text message and an email, so I had looked at wanting the capability of getting an actual [Panic tool notification] through CrisisGo when that occurs. That way that really notifies administration immediately that their help or their assistance is needed in the front office and there's no chance of them missing that notification through the text message or the email."


Safety Success

School City of Hobart informed that the integration process was quick and easy. He said that they tested the integration multiple times, and it worked flawlessly.

By integrating CrisisGo with their visitor management system, School City of Hobart was able to reduce response times and increase the speed of their safety communication.

"I think the front office staff appreciate knowing their administration and security team are getting that notification quickly, and there's no chance of them overlooking the email or overlooking the text message so they know they're going to get an immediate response from multiple people very quick," stated Mock.

Mock also noted that it's valuable to integrate safety systems. He stated, "The more that all of systems can talk to each other and complement each other, it really does help increase that level of security and safety in our schools, and any possibilities we have of doing that, we want to take advantage of those."