Challenges Faced

School City of Hobart utilized traditional safety measures like flip chart emergency plans in each classroom and relying on emails and the intercom system to communicate during an emergency. School City of Hobart found their safety communication and response measures to be cumbersome, so they were interested in a digital platform that would help them streamline safety communication.

Proposed Solution

School City of Hobart wanted to modernize their approach to school safety. They were interested in utilizing CrisisGo to improve their safety communication capabilities and to have a central location to update and provide their staff with digital access to all their safety protocols and information. By using CrisisGo to streamline safety communication and access to safety protocols, School City of Hobart was able to:

  • Instantly communicate with staff through a unified safety channel on their mobile devices.
  • Facilitate detailed safety drills that can realistically imitate potential emergencies without frightening students.
  • Review objective drill data generated by automated post-drill reports.

As an added benefit, CrisisGo's school safety platform runs on Amazon Web Services, which ensures School City of Hobart has the most reliable, secure, and redundant connect possible for their school safety needs.


School City of Hobart administrators were impressed with their newfound ability to keep all their staff connected in safety communication and provide instant access to critical safety information. School City of Hobart also found value in using CrisisGo to manage their school safety drills. Jon Mock, Director of HR & Compliance stated, "The new drill management has been tremendous in helping me keep track of what buildings are still due for a fire drill or different things like that."

Mock concluded: "[CrisisGo] has totally changed the mindset of a lot of our staff towards that safety mindset. They feel more prepared. They feel like they know how to handle a situation, and they also feel a bit more comfortable knowing that they have that instant communication with their administration and their security team if they need it, so it’s definitely worth the investment."