School Safety is Everyone's Job


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admin-icon-redSchool Administrators

Administrators have the big responsibility of ensuring every resource and protocol is in place to create a safe learning environment. That means making sure stakeholders can learn about danager, navigate emergencies correctly, and drill their protocols to increase confidence and safety skills.

teacher-icon-tealTeaching Staff

Teachers will always be immediately responsible for their students, so they need to be able to quickly and confidently react to emergencies. By learning and practicing with their safety resources, teachers are better equipped to ensure the safety of every student during any crisis.

nonteaching-icon-goldNon-Teaching Staff

Nurses, secretaries, custodians, IT personnel, and every other staff member has a role to play in school safety. Whether it's tending to unwell students, providing information on safety risks, or helping to manage your digital safety platform, every staff member is part of the solution.

firstresponders-icon-blueFirst Responders

Police, fire fighters, and paramedics are ready to keep schools safe, but they aren't always directly connected to schools. By utilizing advanced safety technology, first responders can learn about a crisis and offer assistance faster and with more information.


Students are on the front lines of bullying, and they often see and hear things that adults do not. By educating students about safety risks, providing the means for them to report safety issues, and allowing them to submit their safety status to school staff, students can play their role in school safety.

parent-icon-greenParents & Community

It takes a village to ensure the safety of our schools. By creating a communication channel dedicated to safety information and awareness, you can help parents and community members stay in the loop and become school safety advocates.

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