Inspirational Safety Stories to Kick Start Your School Safety

Our clients take safety very seriously, and they're sharing some of their school safety best practices, tips, and stories to help other school districts achieve safety success. We've hosted five sessions this fall focused on real school safety stories from classrooms across the country that are sure to inspire safety improvements at your district and schools. Watch one or all our sessions to see the different ways our clients are achieving school safety success.
Centralized Reporting for Streamlined School Safety

Watch this on-demand event to hear Keven Barker, School Director for Ridgeline Academy discuss the value of centralized safety reports, like referrals and facility requests, in order to streamline school safety. Keven will also be speaking about this own experiences using CrisisGo for reporting safety issues and responding to risks before they become a serious problem.

Safety Drills that Work: Practicing Safety without Frightening Students

Kevin Wellborn, Assistant Principal for Reagan Elementary School tells us about how his school is using CrisisGo to facilitate realistic safety drills that are quick and efficient. Think your schools can conduct multiple safety drills in under 15 minutes with over 500 kids? Kevin's can, and if you watch our on-demand presentation, you can learn how to achieve this kind of safety success too.

From Alerts to Updates: How Communication Streamlines Crisis Response

When a crisis occurs, you need to make sure the right people are instantly informed of the situation. During this event, Greg Liedl, CrisisGo Administrator for Bemidji Area Schools discuss how he used CrisisGo to respond to a bus rollover situation that resulted in an air evacuation. Watch now to learn how to enhance your safety communication for a streamlined emergency response.

Using Communication to Connect the Dots for School Safety

Can you reach every staff member during an emergency? Do all of the buildings in your district have a unified communication channel? Are first responders included in your safety communication? If you can't confidently say yes to these questions, then you definitely want to watch this presentation to hear Levaughn Smart discuss how his district has used CrisisGo to improve safety communication.

Escalating Emergencies by Directly Connecting with Responders to Save Precious Time

Watch this on-demand event to hear Tim Donohoe, Director of Facilities for Evergreen Public Community High School share how his district has connected with first responders and how they even had an alert from CrisisGo reach first responders approximately 3 minutes before their standard response through police dispatch.