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Triad Community Unit #2
203 East Throp Street
Troy, IL 62294
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Customer Since: 2018
Industry: Education

Triad Community Unit #2 updates school safety communication and response.

Read this customer story to discover how Triad Community Unit #2 updated their safety communications and response with CrisisGo's school safety app.

"Our board has annual community engagement meetings, and the year prior, safety and security was identified as the number one concern coming out of parent focus groups and committee meetings we were holding."

Kenan Fagan

Director of Educational Services

Challenges Faced

Triad Community Unit #2 had a good relationship with their local law enforcement, held annual safety meetings, and coordinated regular safety drills. They also had a good emergency plan, but it was paper-based, and they knew it had not been tested with a real emergency.

Triad Community Unit #2 wanted to do more, and along with their school safety initiatives with security cameras, access controls, and radio communication, they had experimented with texting and group messaging for safety communication, but they experienced failures.



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Proposed Solution

To take their school safety to the next level, Triad Community Unit #2 wanted a way to manage threats and their crisis response policies and procedures. A school resource officer recommended CrisisGo, and Triad Community Unit #2 realized that CrisisGo would help them achieve their goals of digitizing their safety plan and providing access to safety information and communication on mobile devices for their staff.

By using CrisisGo, Triad Community Unit #2 was able to:

  • Provide their staff with digital access to their safety plan.
  • Allow staff members to quickly check in with their safety status during a drill or an emergency.
  • Maintain safety communication with staff in all their buildings throughout the district under a unified communication channel.

By using CrisisGo, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Triad Community Unit #2's platform runs on Amazon Web Services, which ensures the most reliable, secure, and redundant connection possible for school safety needs.


Why CrisisGo?

Kenan Fagan, Director of Educational Services for Triad Community Unit #2 said that he believes CrisisGo will help organize and unify their school safety efforts.

Fagan Stated, "The number one thing that has really changed is we now practice using CrisisGo as part of our drill management. We make sure that everyone knows how to use the app within the administrative team, so we are actually practicing the communication. Just like cities have tornado drills and test their sirens, we're going through testing our communication systems."