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How CrisisGo is Making Schools Safer


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Built on AWS, CrisisGo provides cutting-edge safety solutions for schools in a digital age, helping meet the needs of schools of all sizes and models. 
  • CrisisGo is a reliable digital safety platform hosted on the AWS Cloud. CrisisGo deploys its servers on AWS using a variety of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance types for stability, security, and performance.
  • CrisisGo gets safety resources to schools in need quickly and efficiently.
  • The team counts on Amazon Elastic Transcoder for video transcoding and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for backup, static file storage, and content delivery, in addition to other cloud services that power their platform.

If you'd like to learn more about how CrisisGo and AWS are working together, check out the recent eBook on Safely Returning to School that was created through our collaboration. 

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CrisisGo's Safety iPass
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CrisisGo has created Safety iPass, a safety solution to help schools return safely and effectively by streamlining the process while maximizing safety protocols and awareness.

With Safety iPass, schools can more efficiently and effectively admit students into school buildings or onto school buses by using the pre-certified digital badge to confirm that the student is safe to return. Similar to a “fast pass” for airports and services, Safety iPass speeds up the ability to confirm the safety status of stakeholders and get them into a safe learning environment.

How It Works


Digital Pre-Certification

Parents pre-certify students daily by clicking on the pre-scheduled email and completing the COVID-19 survey questions and temperature check at home.

icon-2Quick Verification and Entry

Students can be quickly verified at school by the CrisisGo student app badge or other select student ID badges. This allows students to get to class safely and quickly helps reduce social distancing risks of congregating during the entry process.

icon-3Monitor COVID-19 Trends

School health officials can monitor student and staff COVID-19 symptoms, which allows the district to identify changes in the health of the students and staff for early warning of risk.                                                                              

icon-4Close Contact Tracing

Safety iPass has a built-in close contact listing tool to immediately identify students and staff who have been in close contact with a student that has tested positive.

icon-5Safety iPass Escalation

COVID-19 cases are instantly escalated to district health services so action can be taken immediately, and the district can work closely with public health for proper notification.


Monitor Safety and Make Data-Driven Improvements

Certified without iPass

CrisisGo’s Safety iPass not only makes it easier to certify the safety status of students and staff returning to school, but it also provides critical health safety information that the school district and local health authorities can use to make data-driven decisions to improve public health and safety.

The safety information is presented in a helpful dashboard for district and safety administrators to observe. Critical safety information like entry badge statistics and trends are clearly displayed to help districts monitor the situation and make any needed changes or improvements to their protocols.

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